From your chair <3

Albert: I still never forgave you for all the vegetables you brought to leadership events my freshman year.
Aparna: We will get dinner. Eventually.
Bhavish: The kid that complained in ESAP is your mentee now.
Connie: Yesterday we had an extensive conversation about how Connie is Connie.
Seung-Hyun: Death by freshmen RAing
Heidi: New York Times Crossword puzzle queen.
Jamie Y.: Why do you take a bite of everything
Joebert: Very spicy noodles only
Kanika: Might be my actual mom
Kenneth: Who’s taking all your instagram photos
Rudmila: Will always premeditate Oracle messages together
Sabino: please go to sleep at a normal hour
Sarah: Grace, you and Jamie are the PEER pokemon evolution of the decade
Shannon: Nothing matters. Everything matters. Consulting stuff.
Theresa: If you were a tree you would be a spruce tree.
Varun: My oldest and best PEER friend. An actual sincere sentiment??
Vedika: Atma ads are so expensive
Yen-Yen: You would be a pretty good loaf of bread
Casey: Gentle PEER love brewing in a crockpot
Christine: ~ Touch my body ~ or die
Eaton: Lipton tea, soy sauce, salt, and eggs
Elizabeth: San Jose boba vibez
Heta: MERT goddess here to save our lives
Jamie C.: Shook by KBeats and PTS show for different reasons
Jimmy: Get off my letter
Joseph: Paul missed the bus to NYC
Karen: You gotta tell people ya feelinggggs
Meghana: I can’t wait to be shaken by all you will do!!!
Melisa: I met Sarah the other day and she’s so nice
Milly: Maximum soft maximum love
Mohammad: How do I buy PTS tickets?
Nick: I will fite Arvind 4 u
Saif: Listening to some chill lofi music right now and miss you
Shaina: Never stop being extra
Sherina: Cheesecake fam and also does it mean you are in Viper if you are called Viper?
Tim: I think Moncler jackets are better