Our Board.

The dedicated PEER Board is working to plan retreats and bring PEER many enriching and fun events throughout the year. Get excited for what's in store for this year!

Meet the PEER Board 2023-24

PEER Board is comprised of sophomores and a junior who have been past PEER members. Board helps organize social events like thanksgiving potluck, scavenger hunt, and karaoke, as well as foster leadership development through self-reflection, teamwork and networking at Penn. In addition, board coordinates community and civic engagement through volunteering and student-led discussions/projects. PEER Board is an integral part of the PEER family bringing everyone together!

Caleb Yam
College - Cognitive Science and Computer Science, 2025 | Queens, NY

I love cities, biking, languages, impressions, Spotify, Frank Ocean, and all things food! Also quite good with directions. Send memes :D

Katrina Itona
Vice Chair of Leadership
College - Comparative Literature, 2026 | New Milford, NJ

probably organizing my pinterest boards or watching cute bunny videos. if you see anything miffy online or irl, pls dm me immediately.

Arthi Venkatakrishnan
Vice Chair of Service
Wharton - Finance and Marketing, 2026 | Princeton, NJ

Live love reading, watching sitcoms, juggling, hyper fixating on overhyped pop songs, and maladaptive daydreaming. Terrible with directions.

Vanessa Gong
Vice Chair of Social
Engineering - Mechanical Engineering, 2026 | Basking Ridge, NJ

A D1 Game Pigeon Word Hunter who enjoys sewing, collecting shot glasses from different states, eating sweets, and wearing funky socks