Our Mentors.

The mentors are the backbone of PEER, and each mentee will be paired up with one of our incredible mentors. Take a look at some of the things they are involved in on campus!

Meet the PEER Mentors 2018-19

All mentors are upperclassmen who are established leaders on campus. These experienced individuals have tremendous knowledge regarding the different types of resources on campus.

Aishwarya Nadgauda
Penn Social Entrepreneurship Movement
Engineering & Wharton - Computer Science & OIDD 2019 | Folsom, CA

Love discovering new books and coffee shops :)

Andre (AJ) Angelia
APANSA (Asian Pacific American Nursing Student Association)
Nursing 2019 | Mt. Laurel, NJ

I once met this guy who put Pepsi in a Coca Cola glass and didn't give a damn.

Celine Jo
Penn Alternative Breaks
College - HSOC 2019 | Fullerton, CA

Coffee shop dweller and plant mom :o) Probably thinking about my next meal, if not eating. Or napping.

Christopher Lee
Aspiring Tennis Player
College - Biology 2020 | Los Angeles, CA

I love food, movies, board games, hiking, and Penn dining halls ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Connor Chong
Grace Covenant Church
Engineering & Wharton - NETS & OIDD 2020| Naperville, IL

Will keep you up with Avalon, movies, or 3am deep talks. Loves reading, violin, and eating mochi. Acknowledges that he is a snek. What did one plate say to the other plate? Dinner's on me!

Isabel Li
Penn Hype Dance Crew
Nursing 2019 | Edison, NJ

People have been calling me "belli" for four years now and I can't figure out why...I guess I'll never know. Anyway, let's get coffee!

JingJing Zeng
Chinese Students' Association
Engineering - Systems Eng. 2020 | Philadelphia, PA

Likes Ice Bear, dessert, and one on one conversations. My hair probably isn't this color anymore :^)

Kara Dang
Vietnamese Students' Association
College - Cognitive Science 2019 | Philadelphia, PA

My favorite things are simple things - grocery shopping, coffee in the morning, and 20 minute tv breaks.

Kevin Yang
Collective Success
College & Wharton - Political Science & Finance 2020 | Philadelphia, PA

down for walks, lunch specials, late-night boba runs and random conversations.

Kristin Li
West Philly Swingers Dance Troupe
Engineering & Wharton - Computer Science & Business Analytics 2019 | Columbia, MD

Big fan of chicken & waffles, attempting to act, and assorted superhero shows. Enjoys hugs and friends and derpiness. <3

Lisa He-Wu
alpha Kappa Delta Phi
Nursing 2020 | Philadelphia, PA

I love food and deep conversations :) If I could have a magic power, it would be teleportation so I could travel the world.

Luke Kertcher
Asian American Studies
College - International Relations 2019 | Perry, OH

Can be found drinking milk tea and iced coffee, making Spotify playlists for frenz, obsessing over skincare, or all three at once(˶′◡‵˶)♡

Michelle Shen
Asian Pacific Student Coalition
College - Biological Basis of Behavior 2019 | Long Island, NY

Catch me finding new Netflix films at ungodly hours, engaging in spontaneous “intellectual” discourse, running to DRL at 9 AM, or attempting to not buy *another* marg at Distrito.

Queenie Lam
alpha Kappa Delta Phi
College - Psychology 2019 | Philadelphia, PA

blogger. carb addict. meme queen™. Enjoys tarot card readings, painting, & kdramas with strong female leads. The Q in Queenie is for Quiet. Shhh....

Shirali Shah
Engineering - Computer Science 2020 | Los Angeles, CA

Thinks she’s super dark and angsty when she’s really just a dork who loves games and watches too much television.

Siddharth Challani
Defier of Gravity
Engineering & College - Electrical Eng. & Math 2019 | East Windsor, NJ

Once I took both a middle and a side block out of a layer of Jenga blocks and the tower still stood. To this day, it remains my greatest accomplishment.

Snega Kalaparambath
College - Biology 2019 | Philadelphia, PA

Can most likely be found in one of four locations - in my apartment watching movies and munching on chocolate/chips, on Locust spaced out with my headphones, in my bed facetiming my baby niece, or at Naach practice - all of which I absolutely love doing <3

Sonali Dane
Wharton - Marketing, Management & Business Analytics 2019 | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

I am very curious about criminal behavior and I also love to learn about new cultures. Travel is always on my bucket list <3