Dear PEER,

What have I done to deserve you?...You are one of the best things that has ever happened to me at Penn. The way we met, however, was so accidental and random. I heard about you first on my class Facebook page, having no idea that you would become the root of my college experiences and introduce me to my family here at Penn. Not only did you help me find a lovely mentor named Sarah who I turned out to share so much in common with, but you also introduced me to a lot of friends from the start of my freshman year that I was never lonely on campus. Through you, I’ve met the incredible board that consists of artistic and multitalented Wenting, tech-savvy and rollercoaster-loving Jesse, and bubbly yet fiery Ton. Thank you for having them on board <3 You have instilled in me so much love and support from mentors and mentees. It is hard for me to grasp the fact that my freshman year with you is coming to an end, but we had so much fun together. Remember the time when we went to NY together and I got to meet my mentor’s mentor and when we explored Philly through a scavenger hunt?! I know the friendships that I’ve made can be carried outside and onwards, but I definitely won’t forget you.

With love, Jamie C.