No matter what someone tells you or how prepared you are this remains true: Freshman year is rough. Not just with academics, but also with socializing and exploring a new city. Moving away from your family, surrounded by people you don’t know, is lowkey (HIGHKEY) absolutely terrifying especially if you’re small af. But in the midst of all of this stress, I’ve met some great people through PEER and other clubs who have made freshman year fun (even if anatomy makes me say: “Time to drop out and work at Jollibee”). Here are some fun memories from this year:

  • Playing board games & “speed dating” during retreat
  • Walking all the way from campus to Chinatown and back - my feet hurt for days!!
  • Sneaking into Williams and watching Train to Busan + Jollibee commercials
  • Multiple Bonchon runs with PEER frens
  • Making cookies with Jamie!
  • DIY Hot Pot ft. Sabino’s warm sweater
  • NYC !!! Boba Guys !!! Wholesome PEER pictures (ft. my most liked Instagram post!)
  • Talent Show and that sax with TSwift (& doing BP on Bhavish)

All in all, PEER was so much more that I could have ever expected. I found a group of people who were silly, outgoing, kind, caring, and everything I’ve wanted to emulate as a person. I want to especially give a shoutout to my mentor, Jamie <3 She has always been there for me, and though we both have low thresholds for laughter, I’m glad we can always have fun together. You guys might already know, but she is the most kindest person I’ve ever met (seriously, she went out to vouch for me in a club she was never even involved in just because she wanted to) I love you so much, and I love all of you, PEER <3